Top 5 Best Surprise Wedding Dance Moves


I'll admit, I'm much more impressed with the special effects and pyrotechnics than anything else on this one. I mean, did you look at that dance floor yet??


I am so sorry I don't have a higher quality video for you (I even took the effort to look), but I promise that no amount of poor resolution can hide the awesomeness that occurs int he next wedding dance number.


Really, I'm just a sucker for handsome men looking this sharp with moves this suave.


This groom has some serious moves! The grand set-up, upbeat pop music, moves I can't even begin to compete with, and top-notch videography make this video a personal favorite.


I absolutely love how much fun everyone in this video is having. And by everyone, I mean just about everyone is on the floor dancing. It's hard not to break out into a smile as the energy from that room seeps through your computer screen. This bride had her wedding party and guests learn 3 different dances so the next 3:57 could happen, making it her favorite part of the wedding.

Did you, or will you, have a surprise wedding number at your wedding? What do you think of surprise dance numbers at weddings?

Share your thoughts below and show us your videos!

Wedding with a Twist

At Ellie's Bridal Boutique, we are so excited to hear the stories of our Brides and what they plan to do for their wedding. Our Bride Carmen had such great ideas to make their wedding fun with a new twist. We can't reveal the full details until after her big day (10/11/12 -- it's coming up!!) but we wanted to share a couple fun videos of weddings with a twist. Check out JK Wedding Entrance Dance. It takes traditional to modern.

The JK wedding inspired this spoof of Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

To help get the party started one bride, featured on The Becker Blog, gave out masquerade masks for guests to wear during the party celebration.

Help get the party started by handing out masquerade masks for guests to wear during the party celebration. #Reception #EscortCards

How did you make your wedding fun and different?