When Sample Sales Meet Alterations

She found the dress of her dreams, and even had to try it on "just to see." Of course, she fell in love even more. She loved everything about it: the lace, the color, the quality and fit, even the little "eyelashes" of the scalloped lace trim were a detail she couldn't live without. Devastated that the price tag was over $4,000, and certainly over her budget, we had to find another solution. Welcome, sample gowns with great savings to save the day!

This was the gown of her dreams, but with price tag over $4,000 it was way over her budget.

This gown was the gown she found instead...

Details of the “original” gown our bride purchased at our Sample Sale

Envisioning the gown she asked for.

The gown we had on sale was not quite what she wanted, but still had the same fabrics and fit that made her fall in love with Jim Hjelm in the first place.

A few Alterations sessions later, and voila! The gown of her dreams for a price she could afford!

Wedding day perfection!

The original gown she couldn’t afford. Looks like our bride wore her dream dress, after all!

During the Alterations there was another surprise! Our bride found out she’s pregnant!!

Sample Sale Recap

We're all cleaned up from our pre-holiday SAMPLE SALE this past weekend and are now gearing up for all the families coming for Thanksgiving weekend!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the brides-to-be that found their beautiful gowns for such an unbeatable price. Here are some of the dresses our brides fell in love with over the weekend.

Welcome to the Ellie's Bridal Family. We are honored to be part of such a special part of your Wedding Day. Don't forget to send us wedding pics!!

If you missed out on our Sample Sale this past weekend, don't fret! We offer sample gowns year round for any bride on a tight budget or short timeline. Make an appointment and let us know that you are interested in purchasing a sample gown so we can work with you to make your dreams come true.

Relaunching Ellie's Website & Blog

Today we are officially launching Ellie's Bridal newly re-designed website! With the website launched and the return of our permanent URL, we are back on the map & ready to blog.

Special thanks to Michelle, Ellie's bride & CEO of Mischa Communications, for all her kind words and assisstance. After her 10/13/12 wedding, Michelle still managed to keep her tabs on us while maintaining her growing business. Meanwhile, we found ourselves experiencing some difficulty with our web host, requiring a "temporary" website away from our permanent URL. Michelle took notice and quickly offered her time and company expertise We are honored to serve such generous and loving brides like Michelle. This is why we stay in this business!

Because of the transition to our new website, we've been slacking on our blog posts this summer. This is most unfortunate because we have so many great things to share with you! We'll just have to bring you up to speed in the coming weeks :)

This has been an exciting summer here at Ellie's as we transition to bring you bigger and better things. We can't wait to share all that we have to offer to you. As always, please send us your feedback and let us know how we can better your experience (because everything we do is for you).

Wedding Veil Regrets

About 2 out of 10 brides come in to our boutique unsure if they would like a veil or not. If you do not think you want a veil, we suggest just to try one on anyway. You never know how you will feel until you try one on and see yourself in the mirror with a wedding gown and the veil for the first time. We find that more than half of the time, brides who said they did not want one change their mind. There is something about the veil and a wedding gown that makes each bride feel like it is really happening to them, they are getting married!!!


We found one blogger was torn and decided not to have a veil and now regrets it. She wishes she had changed her mind and now brings up some excellent points and stunning photos that you could have if you choose to have a veil too. We have to say, she found some great photos!

Thank you to our wonderful Ellie's Brides and their amazing photographers who shared these breath taking photographs with us.

What are your thoughts on veils? Comment below and let us know what you think!


Why We Choose Stella York

Glamorous. Sexy. Extravagant. A Stella York wedding dress is more than just a designer label. It’s an indelible mind-set — with each creation a perfect complement to a bride’s attitude, style and spirit.

That's what Stella York is all about. Previously known as Ella Bridals, Stella York is an Australian-based company that never fails to bring in fresh designs that are not only merely beautiful but a statement of your spirit. Their light weight and comfort ensure that you will feel free enough to let your personality truly shine it's best on your wedding day. We also love Stella York because their mission fits our own: quality of fabric, fit, and finish at a competitive price. Here at Ellie's Bridal Boutique, we truly believe that it is possible to find a high quality gown for under $1500, and Stella York is proof of that.

Stella York is designed for the bride looking to find the magic that only she could create on her wedding day. She's a bride full of spirited dreams and an energy that radiates around her. See what we mean and view our gallery below to share the magic these three Ellie's brides experienced with their Stella York gowns this past year.

Needless to say, we are so excited to have Stella York Trunk Show at Ellie's Bridal Boutique! Make your appointment today for March 9-10, 2013 to view Stella York's newest bridal collection and enjoy 10% OFF* the purchase of any Stella York gown.

Many of the featured wedding gowns will be in out store for ONE WEEKEND ONLY !  Spaces are limited, so don't miss out by waiting to book your appointment for this exclusive event!

Appointments are required to attend this event. Call 703-683-VOWS(8697) to book your appointment today & RSVP on our Facebook Invitation.

*Purchases must be made March 9th or 10th to qualify for the discount.

Featured Weddings: Lisa's Destination wedding in Greece, Jenny's Old Amusement Park wedding, Jeorjina's Grand Caymen wedding

Sample Sales: Disarming Doubts

Despite popular belief, there is NO such thing as “too big.” With our custom alterations, we’ll make your gown look like it was made just for you. We even have a few tricks up our sleeves to make a gown a couple sizes bigger, too. Our fantastic Alterations team took Ruth’s sample size 12 down to about a size 6!! We were so glad to see she felt comfortable enough for some good old-fashioned bed jumping for her post-ceremony celebration.

Want to make design changes? No problem, our in house alterations department are experts on customizing wedding gowns. Our magic-making Alterations team was able to turn Denise’s strapless sample gown into a form-fitting stunner with detachable straps to fit the mood for both her Catholic ceremony and party-all-night reception!

Click here to see just a few of our veteran brides who recently went From Sample Sale to Wedding Day, and check us out on Pinterest for just a few (seriously, we have way more) of the things we have for you on sale.

Wedding Gown Photo Ideas

Congratulations! You're engaged and we have helped to pick out your jaw dropping Wedding Gown and the perfect Bridesmaids gowns!

Now that you've spent all that time in search of your perfect gown you better bet that you're going to get some great wedding shots out of it! How about you show off your fashionista style by beautifully displaying your wedding gown on a custom-made hanger or find the perfect back-drop to show off all your attire?

Our own Janelle had a custom hanger to show off her beautiful wedding gown by Ella Rosa (top left). What a great way to have your new last name incorporated in your wedding photos! If you like this idea, we have seen some beautiful options on Etsy. We recommend the custom wooden hangers as opposed to the wired ones to prevent wedding hangers from bending due to the weight of many bridal gowns. Other ideas includs adding pearls down the top side of the hanger (top right: above) or creating custom hangers for your Bridesmaids (top right: below). These work great as idal party gifts and look beautiful in pictures, too.

Another one of our brides, Jen, picked out a beautiful hanger to place on a romantic chandelier to show off her Mikaella dress (bottom left). We also found that some of our other brides, including Devon in Blue by Enzoani (center left) & Brittani in Casablanca (center right), combined a few stunning photos all together in one. Not only do you see the gown in one portion but other romantic shots as well.

We couldn't help ourselves and check out pinterest to find some great locations to display your wedding and bridesmaid gowns together. One that caught our eye has the gowns on a neutral fence (bottom left). If you are about to get married, or already have, where do you see your dress being photographed?

Check out some of our other brides' fantastic photos on Facebook. Ellie's Bride Heidi, Ellie's Bride Alicia, Ellie's Bride Rachel, and more. Clearly the best place for wedding inspiration is amongst the Ellie's Bridal Family.

Wedding with a Twist

At Ellie's Bridal Boutique, we are so excited to hear the stories of our Brides and what they plan to do for their wedding. Our Bride Carmen had such great ideas to make their wedding fun with a new twist. We can't reveal the full details until after her big day (10/11/12 -- it's coming up!!) but we wanted to share a couple fun videos of weddings with a twist. Check out JK Wedding Entrance Dance. It takes traditional to modern.

The JK wedding inspired this spoof of Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

To help get the party started one bride, featured on The Becker Blog, gave out masquerade masks for guests to wear during the party celebration.

Help get the party started by handing out masquerade masks for guests to wear during the party celebration. #Reception #EscortCards

How did you make your wedding fun and different?

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Jen & Jim!!

Jen in @Mikaella Bridal -- Ever After Visuals Mother-Daughter Photography Team (09/10/11)

 Jen's bridal party was in full Ellie's Bridal attire with her light and fun Mikaella wedding gown and accompanied by bridesmaids dressed in Jim Hjelm Occasions. In fact, the bridesmaid pictured immediately to the left of Jen (photo below) also bought her bridal gown at Ellie's! Coincidentally, her name is Mikaella and she was also married in a Mikaella wedding gown.

Jen in @Mikaella Bridal -- Ever After Visuals Mother-Daughter Photography Team (09/10/11)

Before Jen was officially set on her gown, there was one test it had to pass first. And with that, she got down and boogied right in the middle of the store while wearing our sample. After her dance was complete she stood up straight and declared, "Okay, this is it!" We definitely had a few good laughs that day.

Jen in @Mikaella Bridal -- Ever After Visuals Mother-Daughter Photography Team (09/10/11)

You too can create such a lovely wedding by taking advantage of nature's beauty. Take a look to see how they had such romantic shots in the evening under an enchanted tree and romantic photos by a lovely, dreamy lake. Jen & Jim chose a location that not only had nature's beauty but architectural beauty to help give them different looks throughout their day.

Jen in @Mikaella Bridal -- Ever After Visuals Mother-Daughter Photography Team (09/10/11)

Congratulations on the first year of their 'new' adventure. Here's to many, many more years to come! We sincerely hope that your first year of marriage has been everything you hoped for, and more.