Meet Our Staff: Silvia

When you look at Silvia's work you are often left in amazement. We, too, often wonder how she does it. Silvia is our magic maker, prized worker, and expert seamstress. We have many wonderful people here at Ellie's Bridal Boutique, but Silvia is our unsung hero. She's behind the scenes working hard to make sure the gowns are fit to the Bride just right. She's the one that works hard to ensure the gown looks flawless. She's the one that makes your concepts into reality. Between her and Crystal, their combined expertise can seemingly do anything with fabric. If you know anything about sewing, you'll be impressed to learn that Silvia doesn't need someone to give her a pattern for a dress -- she makes up her own in her head.

Silvia has been working at Ellie's Bridal Boutique since the beginning. In fact, she was the first seamstress that we ever hired. She is definitely a person you would call family (& we certainly do). So "Thank You" Silvia for being part of our family and for working your magic to make our brides look as stunning as possible.