Wedding Veil Regrets

About 2 out of 10 brides come in to our boutique unsure if they would like a veil or not. If you do not think you want a veil, we suggest just to try one on anyway. You never know how you will feel until you try one on and see yourself in the mirror with a wedding gown and the veil for the first time. We find that more than half of the time, brides who said they did not want one change their mind. There is something about the veil and a wedding gown that makes each bride feel like it is really happening to them, they are getting married!!!


We found one blogger was torn and decided not to have a veil and now regrets it. She wishes she had changed her mind and now brings up some excellent points and stunning photos that you could have if you choose to have a veil too. We have to say, she found some great photos!

Thank you to our wonderful Ellie's Brides and their amazing photographers who shared these breath taking photographs with us.

What are your thoughts on veils? Comment below and let us know what you think!


Add some sparkle to your shoes with a few easy touches.

Add some sparkle

Weddings today allow you to show your own personality and style, as opposed to strictly sticking to tradition. With so many choices, the downside is sometimes we find it difficult to find those perfect wedding shoes. But there are some really amazing new ideas that can add unique touches to your beautiful day!

My personal favorite is adding a few beautiful gems to your shoe (top row). It takes a beautiful shoe into a fabulous shoe! Make sure you check out the step-by-step on how to accomplish this look.

My second personal favorite comes after the first only because we needed to add some bling before adding a touch of romance. Instead of writing a note to your soon to be Mr. or Mrs. Forever… give them the shoes you plan to wear and then write a personal note (bottom left).  It’s a great way to share a personal moment before you see your loved one at the alter.

Do you already have the perfect shoes to wear to your wedding but maybe you've shown them a little too much love? Well, now you can fix the bottom of those loved shoes that are perfect for dancing and you can add your wedding colors, or perhaps a little something blue (bottom right). We found a really neat tutorial that is a must see!

Now that we've shared our favorite ways to spice up your wedding day heels, which style do you love?

Let us know what did you do to your wedding shoes!