When Sample Sales Meet Alterations

She found the dress of her dreams, and even had to try it on "just to see." Of course, she fell in love even more. She loved everything about it: the lace, the color, the quality and fit, even the little "eyelashes" of the scalloped lace trim were a detail she couldn't live without. Devastated that the price tag was over $4,000, and certainly over her budget, we had to find another solution. Welcome, sample gowns with great savings to save the day!

This was the gown of her dreams, but with price tag over $4,000 it was way over her budget.

This gown was the gown she found instead...

Details of the “original” gown our bride purchased at our Sample Sale

Envisioning the gown she asked for.

The gown we had on sale was not quite what she wanted, but still had the same fabrics and fit that made her fall in love with Jim Hjelm in the first place.

A few Alterations sessions later, and voila! The gown of her dreams for a price she could afford!

Wedding day perfection!

The original gown she couldn’t afford. Looks like our bride wore her dream dress, after all!

During the Alterations there was another surprise! Our bride found out she’s pregnant!!

Sample Sales: Disarming Doubts

Despite popular belief, there is NO such thing as “too big.” With our custom alterations, we’ll make your gown look like it was made just for you. We even have a few tricks up our sleeves to make a gown a couple sizes bigger, too. Our fantastic Alterations team took Ruth’s sample size 12 down to about a size 6!! We were so glad to see she felt comfortable enough for some good old-fashioned bed jumping for her post-ceremony celebration.

Want to make design changes? No problem, our in house alterations department are experts on customizing wedding gowns. Our magic-making Alterations team was able to turn Denise’s strapless sample gown into a form-fitting stunner with detachable straps to fit the mood for both her Catholic ceremony and party-all-night reception!

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